When considering lighting, people often ignore a key component of high-quality lighting—color.

But these color considerations can dramatically impact the function and aesthetics of your lighting:

• The right color of white
• Consistent initial color
• Consistent color over time


ECOSCAN ensure initial high color consistency of CCT:


  • ECOS Binning technology gives every BIN color a very strict area, equal to 2-3step MacAdam Ellipse.

ECOS keep a high color consistency of CCT over the long lifespan


How your lights change on the color axis over time will determine how consistent your color remains. So, even if your initial color was evenly matched, these lamps may still give you quite a wide range of color shift over time.

Bad color consistency project:

bad color consistency project

High-quality modules like those from ECOSCAN have a protective, long-lasting enclosure and carefully selected phosphors and LEDs. This eliminates many of those quality compromises. In summary, when considering an LED luminaire, you need to make sure the LED inside are of high quality to get better initial color consistency.

ECOSCAN LED have a outstanding performance on this.