Color Rendering is a measure of how accurately colored objects are rendered when lit with a particular light source.

If we look at the CIE color space often used to define and describe white light, we can see a black line running through the center; this is called the black body locus. As long as the light stays on or about the line, our eyes perceive it as white. If the white light shifts above the line, it will tend to display a green tint; if it shifts below the line, it will display a pink tint.

CIE Color system  


good color & bad color

ECOSCAN carefully controls LED and phosphor specifications to deliver great color rendering that’s appropriate for the lighting task. When evaluating color rendering for LED solutions, it’s important to know that there are 15 different test-color samples, which are used by international color standard societies. These samples provide a complete picture of color rendering. It’s typical to evaluate or report only the first 8 of the 15 samples; this is often presented as Ra. However, this leaves out saturated and skin tone colors and can lead to an inaccurate evaluation of a light source.


Normal series CRI product from ECOS GROUP LTD:  CRI80 Series & CRI90 Series & CRI95 Series

CRI test