Dimming Option From ECOS

DALI dimming

LED drivers utilise DALI addressable programmers to control light levels and functionality. Multiple DALI dimming LED drivers can be controlled by a single pair of wires. Within a DALI network each DALI dimming LED driver can be given individual lighting instructions.

DMX dimming

DMX is a method and technology used by stage and lighting professionals to control lighting instruments. Though it is most often used for stage lighting, buildings with a central lighting control board often use DMX technology to control their lights. On a DMX console, the presence of DMX dimmer technology means the difference between being able to turn a light instrument on and off and the ability to control the intensity of the light and speed with which it comes on. Dimmers can be hardware or software, and they can be controlled manually or automatically, and are similar in appearance to the sliding faders used on audio control interfaces.

1-10V dimming

led drivers utilise analogue dimming to set the light levels between 10% – 100% of the light output. Most drivers require an external 10V DC source to operate 1-10V dimming. 1-10V dimming does not dim the LEDs to zero light output.

Triac dimming

led drivers are compatible with traditional leading/trailing edge dimmers. Triac dimming LED drivers can vary the light output between 1 to 100%. Care must be taken to ensure that the load requirement of the dimmer is met to ensure smooth Triac dimming over the 1 to 100% range.